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Winter Snow Photos (Pictures of a Snowy Colorado Day - December 6, 2009)

Buena Vista, CO Ahhhh another snowstorm! All day we received a steady amount of snowfall throughout the day, and twice I ventured out by car to photograph any pretty snow scenes I came across in Buena Vista, Colorado.
A deer with large antlers walks along a residential property.
High Country Bank The High Country Bank sign read 15 degrees, but this sign is usually 5-7 degrees warmer than it usually is. And don't forget the windchill factor! For the past few days it's been below zero at night.
The one and only traffic light in our town.
A very snowy Highway 24.
Snowy Road By the way, yes, I usually stick my digital camera out the window as I drive. But be assured I usually slow down to a crawl. :)
Snow Not sure what kind of trees those are.
Arkansas River

Arkansas River

The Arkansas River

I made my obligatory visit to the infant Arkansas River that runs through town. So pretty to see snow on the river banks!

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    Needles of a tree - I really need to learn the names of trees!
    Snowy Road In the afternoon, the sun peaked out and lightened up road with hard-packed snow like this one.
    Chaffee County Road 340

    Snowy Road

    At a particular junction along Chaffee County Road 340, I snapped a few pictures of the roads.

    Friends, if you live somewhere out yonder in Florida, Texas or Arizona, now is the time to visit Colorado. All of the ski areas have been open since Thanksgiving, and this place is a snowy, freezing cold, mountain wonderland! Have you ever sat in a hot tub at night, looking up at the stars, with it -2 outside? You must experience it! :)

    Snowy Road
    A beautiful snowy road with parallel tire marks.
    A pretty snow scene with Midland Hill in the background.
    Snow Scene Ahhhh look at this pretty snow scene. No track marks out there ... it's almost begging for someone with cross country skis to run out there! :)
    Another snowy road.
    I searched for the local herd of elk that usually spend time in the valley during the winter months. After much patience, I finally found them approximately 1,000 yards away. See all of them? :)
    Snowy Road Back on the main highway, north of town.
    Mt. Princeton

    I was already happy with the snow photos I captured, but then the sky turned various shades of pink and purple over Mt. Princeton. Very nice!

    Photos submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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