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Telluride Snow Photos (The Wilson Family Enjoys The Snow - November 23 and 30, 2007)

Telluride Snow
Colorado Snow
November 23, 2007 - We have had at least 11 inches so far today of beautiful snow! The opening ski day in Telluride, Colorado is now set for next Friday, November 30. The roads were pretty bad all day with lots of slipping, sliding and a few car crashes.

On this day, we couldn't see the mountains because of the falling snow, but the top two pictures were taken along the San Miguel River.

In this bottom picture, you can see the snow machine going strong and some sledders on the ski trail behind it.

San Miguel River November 30, 2007 - Below are more snow photos from an even larger snowstorm to hit our ski town. Again, that's the San Miguel River
Telluride Snow
Photos of the family skiing. It was fun!

Here are more snow pictures taken from the Telluride Gondola: More Snow Pictures.

Wilson Peak I included one of Wilson Peak that I took from a Mt. Village neighborhood.

These pictures were provided by the Wilson Family in Telluride, Colorado.

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