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Snow In The South! (Snow Photos In Texas, Mississippi and Georgia - February 10-11, 2010)

Texas Snow


Look at the gift I received on the morning of my birthday!

Snow This is a photo of a snow covered tree in my yard.

Don't laugh friends, those of you who are under 3 feet of the stuff! Snow in east Texas is rare y'all. :)

Snowman Look what my handsome babies built! My sons are all 6 feet tall - that will give you an idea of how large this snowman is!

Photos provided by Stepanie in Tyler, Texas. Her Twitter page: @mamastephf.


Unbelieveable! Snowfall in Clinton, Mississippi ... look at all that snow!



My backyard.

To see everything covered in snowy white, is sublime. :)



Mississippi snow was still falling by the end of the day!

Photos submitted by April Riley. Her business page is:


Snow in Georgia

Living in the Atlanta area, this is probably the most snow we've gotten in about 10 years. It's always fun, but the snow typically only lasts about one day before it melts.

I had just finished my run through the neighborhood with the dogs and was sweaty and red-faced. Bubba & I decided to go see a movie.

Snow After we got back from the movie, we noticed quite a bit accumulation.
Dog in Snow Abby went nuts running in the snow - she looks like a demon dog.

And the next day, sadly the snow started to melt.

Photos submitted by Diana Williams in north Georgia.

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