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"Snowy Pond" (Photos From A Short Walk In The Snow - October 20, 2007)

Cottonwood Pass Road October 20, 2007 - Winter has pretty much arrived in Colorado and I wanted to get in one last hike in the Cottonwood Pass Area before the road closes until next May. Here's a photo of the snow along the road I parked at.
Snowy Mountains The view of Turner Peak (right).
Snowy Pond
Snowy Pond
I was not wearing snowshoes which made walking through the snow somewhat difficult. The snow was not deep in anyway, but the consistent sinking of one to two inches into the snow was enough to dissuade me to trek all the way to Lost Lake. Instead, I walked just a short distance to this unnamed pond nearby.
Turner Peak Nice!
Steve It was definitely cold out there. It reached the upper 50's in Buena Vista, CO, which meant that at this altitude (approximately 11,000 - 11,800 feet) it was in the 30's and/or 20's. The wind made it feel colder at times.
Snow Scene After spending some time by that unnamed pond, I traveled the short way to Cottonwood Pass. Here is the snowy scene to the west of the pass.
Snow The snow is really beginning to accumulate along this ridge! :)

These pictures were provided by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His personal web site is

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