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Snowstorm Photos! (Pictures Of Snow In Buena Vista, CO - December 7, 2007)

Blizzard It has been snowing really hard for approximately 16 hours and there are no signs of it letting up. Although my area of Buena Vista, Colorado tends to get frequent snowstorms, it is rare for there to be a huge accumulation of snow from one storm, for we're coming close to three feet of snow already.

I decided to venture outside for awhile to take some snow photos. Here was the late morning view of my two cars practically covered in snow.

Snow The snow was coming down hard!
Snow Snow An area of cottonwood trees covered in snow.
Snowy Creek
Snowy Creek
Two pictures of a nearby creek.
Snowy Road
Snowy Road
Driving around, here are two shots of a main road in my town.
Snow A snowy neighborhood road.
Buena Vista, Colorado
Buena Vista, Colorado
Snowy Highway
Snowy Road
On the south end of town, I captured these two photos that read "Buena Vista" of some sort. I parked on a nearby neighborhood street and trudged throw two to three feet deep snow to reach these signs along Highway 24.

The two bottom photos are the southerly and northerly views from where these welcome signs are. Lots of snow! :)

Visibility was terrible, and there the towering Sawatch Mountains to the west were hidden.

Snowy Road
Snowy Traffic Light
Our town has one traffic light. I usually do my best to take short cuts and detours to get around the traffic light, but I thought snapping pictures of it might be interesting.
Steve I did not get a photo of myself in the snow. So later on, after I had returned home, I put my slippers on and stood outside to get one token picture of myself. Yes, I am wearing shorts today while indoors. :)

These pictures were provided by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista. His personal web site is

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