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Pictures of Snowfall! (Snowfall Along Cottonwood Pass Road, Colorado - April 9, 2008)

San Isabel National Forest Snow flurries began coming down in my town of Buena Vista, Colorado, and seeing that the mountains to the west of us were almost completely covered in gray clouds, I felt compelled to investigate the snow conditions.
Rainbow Lake Resort As I climbed in altitude on Cottonwood Pass Road (Chaffee County Road 306), the snow began to come down harder. The lake in the adjacent picture is part of the Rainbow Lake Resort. Their web site is:
I drove another mile or two up the road to an area where snowmobilers launch.

The snow was coming down gently in the top photo, when after just a few minutes, the snow started to come down hard! YAY! :)

Snowfall I got in my car and snapped some photos of the snowfall.
Snowfall Snow coming down hard in the Colorado forest.
Snow You can see how hard the snow is coming down at the Avalanche Trailhead sign. ;)

Bighorn Sheep EWes
Bighorn Sheep Ewes

As I traveled up the canyon, I spotted this small pack of bighorn sheep ewes near the Cottonwood Hot Springs.

Bighorn Sheep EWe This fellow stood and looked at me for quite awhile!
Bighorn Sheep EWes Then somehow, the bighorn sheep walked up the road as I slowly followed them.

Interestingly, I snapped photos of these same fellows two days ago.

Check them out: Bighorn Sheep Ewes.

These pictures were provided by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His personal web site is

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