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Pictures of Snow and Mountains After October Rocky Mountain Snowfall - October 9, 2010

Photo Gallery - A Scenic Drive To Cottonwood Pass, Colorado (alt. 12,126 feet)
Snow Scene
This morning I traveled to Cottonwood Pass, located west of Buena Vista, Colorado, to photograph the pretty snow scenery along the road. Cottonwood Pass, altitude 12,126 feet, is situated on the Continental Divide. Pretty much from September through June, it can snow nearly any day in this area.

This first photo was taken near timberline. I love how the snow highlights the blue spruce and pine trees.

Snow Scene
The grand mountain view to the west at Cottonwood Pass. Such beautiful shades of blue and white!
Cottonwood Pass, CO
The ground is completely covered in snow, and it likely won't be seen again until late May 2011.
Mountain Snow Scene
The majestic mountain view on the east side of the pass. This road travels downhill and reaches Buena Vista approximately 19 miles. The nearest ski areas are Monarch Mountain and Ski Cooper, located near Poncha Springs and Leadville respectively.

Another shot of the road I drove up to reach here.
Cottonwood Pass, Colorado
Ice and snow in the parking area with my car in the background.
Snow at Cottonwood Pass
This area is a hiking, snowshoeing and snowmobiling paradise depending on the season and level of snow. :)
Snow Scene
I really like the composition of this ice and snow scene. You have mountains, snow and hard packed iced on the road.
Colorado Rocky Mountains
One mountain snow scene as a traveled back down.

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Steve Garufi
A self-portrait at the top. It was approximately 18 degrees, but it felt much colder with the wind chill factor.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Contact:, Facebook, Twitter

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