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Snow Scenery (Snow In The Forest And Mountains In Central Colorado - June 4, 2010)

Photos Of Snow Near Cottonwood Pass - Chaffee County, Colorado
If you landed on this page seeking traditonal snow scenery photos, well, this page is a little different. On this page are beautiful Colorado snow photos, but what makes them remarkable is they were taken on June 4. Yes, snow in June!

All photos were taken near timberline - the point where trees no longer grow because of lack of oxygen, the harsh climate and unhospitable terrain. This area is near 11,500 feet above seal level in central Colorado. These Rocky Mountains take their time melting much of its snow from the previous winter.

Snow In The Forest
My short hike in the mountains began here, in a forest near Chaffee County Road 306, with plenty of snow remaining.
Snow In The Forest

The thick forest blocks much of the direct sunlight from the sun. There is a trail underneath the snow, but we can't see it.
Snow In The Forest
Look at that large mound of snow. Where else can you make a snowman in June? :)

These three photos were taken on my way back from my hike.
Snow In The Forest
A massively large patch of snow. I trudged through this, thankfully I wore my tall mountain hiking boots.

My tracks through the snow. If you look closely, you'll notice some of the footprints are very deep. Some steps had snow over my knees!

Colorado Mountain Scenery Once I hiked above timberline, the scenery goes back to normal. Beautiful pine trees, mountains and some patches of snow.
Turner Peak, CO A nice shot of Turner Peak (alt. 13,232 feet).

I hiked to a pond located close to the Continental Divide. Snow and ice remain on the water. It is still thawing out!

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  • Another photo of me. I love getting shots of me in snow, to shock my friends in Florida, Mississippi, Arizona and elsewhere in hot weather states. ;)

    Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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