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Snow In The Mountains (Photos In Colorado - December 2, 2007)

Snowy Road I wandered about the snowy terrain of the Collegiate Peaks, the mountain range west of where I live in Buena Vista and came up with some nice snow photos. You can see this same general view of this road during autumn here (5th photo).
Snowy Forest I walked among aspens in six to twelve inches of snow on the ground.
Snowy Creek
Snowy Creek
Cottonwood Creek, the main waterway that runs through the particular canyon I was in, had some pretty snow on its sides. I am going to put more effort in the future in capturing nicer pictures of snowy mountain creeks.
Snowy Creek
Snowy Creek
At another point in the stream, beaver dam slow the creek's pace. I really liked the brightness of the white snow in these shots!
Icy Road
Mt. Yale
Last but not least, I thought I would display two photos that show the conditions of the road. (Cottonwood Pass Road)

In that top photo, ice and packed snow covered this long stretch of road.

Mt. Yale (alt. 14,197 feet) stands tall with this same road covered in white.

These pictures were provided by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista. His personal web site is

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