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A Snow Adventure?! (Snow Scenes By Steve and Josh - December 15, 2007)

Mt. Princeton On this page are some of my best snow pictures from today. Here was the view of Mt. Princeton this morning. Much of the recent snowfall has not gone anywhere as the temperatures have been largely below freezing all week. At the time of this photo, it was approximately two degrees outside!
Mt. Shavano
Mt. Shavano
Further south, I captured two shots of Mt. Shavano.
Snow Cakes Snowball Thrower My friend Josh came along with me for this ride. There he is holding two large "snow cakes" which uh, he then proceeded to throw in my direction!

Josh is my personal "Hair Consultant" which you can read more about here. ;)
Snowy Road I love these kinds of views of snowy and quiet roads.
Mt. Ouray A view of Mt. Ouray and Chipita Peak.
Snowy Road
We pulled over on another quiet and snowy road in the country, outside of Salida. It was very bright outside!

I did my best to hold up some snow like Josh, but that small handfull was enough for me!
Snow Scene A snowy butte near the Browns Canyon area.

These pictures were provided by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista. His personal web site is

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