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A Full Snowy Weekend! (Snow Photos From Three Days of Colorado Snowfall - February 19-21, 2010)


Snowy Road

Snowy Highway

Friday Afternoon

I was in Leadville, Colorado on Friday afternoon and needed to return to my home in Buena Vista. The snow began to fall by mid-afternoon in this small mountain town that sits at over 10,000 feet in elevation.

Adjacent are three photos I snapped from the car while driving on Highway 24. I tweeted the second and third photo and it was noticed by a TV news station in Denver. They asked if they could use one of the photos for the weather section of their program, but I don't think they ended up using it.

TOP: Driving south of Leadville and approaching the Hayden Meadows area of Lake County.

SECOND: Making a turn.

THIRD: Approaching the Highway 82 turnoff. A right (west) would lead to Twin Lakes, Independence Pass and eventually Aspen.

Snow Scene On Saturday morning, plenty of new snow blanketed the land. I walked outside and snapped this photo which is the same general view that my web cam shows. That's right, ha ha - You can see what this view looks like it real time here: Colorado Web Cam.



Three snowy photos from my friend's backyard.
Buena Vista, CO I went for a drive on Saturday just to explore and see what snow scenes I might want to photograph. This is the view as I drove north on Highway 24 as I was leaving Buena Vista. I like the whiteness of the road - the snow was covering it quite evenly.
Buena Vista, CO Large amounts of the snow in the center of East Main Street.
Buena Vista, Colorado Traveling on West Main Street.
Snowy Road

Snow Road

I traveled west on Chaffee County Road 306, sometimes known as "Cottonwood Pass Road.

TOP: It would have been a much pretty view of the mountains if the skies were clear. The mountain on the left is Bald Mountain.

SECOND: This is a great road for bicycling, when it isn't covered in snow of course! :)

Snowshoeing On Saturday afternoon, I went snowshoeing with friends. I'm the guy on the left. :) You can see all of my photos from that excursion here: Colorado Snowshoeing.

Images submitted by photographer Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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A Herd Of Elk - Buena Vista, Colorado
As I wandered by car, I noticed the area's large herd of elk relaxing in an open field near a line of pinions. I zoomed-in as best as I could! To see my very best elk photos, please check them out here: Elk Herd Photos.

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