Photos of Snow in New Jersey (Suburbs and Rock With Leaves)
Snow Pictures
Assorted Snow Pictures In New Jersey (November 2007)

Snowy Rock

During my week-long visit to New Jersey during the week of Thanksgiving, I took some time to photograph some scenes of snow that I came across. Above is my favorite photo - a rock covered with a layer of snow and some leaves. I love when autumn's colors and winter's snow mix together.

(Photo taken in High Point State Park, NJ.)

Snowfall in a New Jersey Suburban Neighborhood (November 19, 2007)

Snowy Backyard On the first morning I arrived in New Jersey, I woke up to the sight of snow coming down.
New Jersey Snow Looks pretty.
New Jersey Snowfall I think this pictures does the best job of showing the extent of the snowfall behind a colorful dark red tree.

-These photos were taken by Steve Garufi. His personal web site is

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