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Snowy Day In Colorado's Mountains (Photos by Steve Garufi - March 8, 2010)

Snow March 8, 2010 - As far as I'm concerned from a local's perspective, this was merely a routine day of intermittent snowfall in Buena Vista, Colorado. While reading tweets on Twitter this morning, I noticed many stated how lovely and warm the weather was in places like Alabama, Texas and Arizona. Well not here!

Adjacent is a snow photo which is the general view from my office. Beautiful snow!

Chaffee County Road 306 In the afternoon, I trekked up Chaffee County Road 306 ("Cottonwood Pass Road") which travels into a canyon that leads to the Continental Divide.
Snowy Road


Chaffee County Road 344

As you can see, the roads were quite snowy! :)

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    Rainbow Lake Resort A pretty snowy picture of the Rainbow Lake Resort entrance sign.
    Snowy Truck The truck provides perspective of the grand mountain terrain.
    Steve Garufi Yours truly with Mt. Princeton in the background. Perhaps I should have smiled. :)

    Images submitted by photographer Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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