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Colorado Snow Pictures - Chaffee County Road 306

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Snow on Road
December 17, 2007 - I made the drive up Chaffee County Road 306, west of Buena Vista. Here was the view as I traveled near the Rainbow Lake Resort.

Buena Vista Snowmobile Club

Winter at Chaffee County Road 306
There has been so much snowfall that the road had been closed at the Avalanche Trailhead parking lot.

Snowmobile enthusiasts enjoy the snowy terrain from here all the way to the Cottonwood Pass and beyond. I did not capture any snowmobilers coming by, but I did see these two snow bulldozers! The Buena Vista Snowmobile Club plays a major role in managing the area.

Avalanche Trailhead, Colorado
The Avalance Trailhead sign with snow.
Snow Mountain Scene
A grand view, isn't it? Snow was coming down hard at this point, but the picture doesn't show it. The large mountain is an unnamed "sister peak" to Mount Yale (elevation 14,197 feet). Notice that large avalanche run.

I had to include a photo of me happy in the winter elements. :)
Chaffee County Road 306
Heading back downhill.
Snow on Road

Snow in Colorado
I made a short detour along Chaffee County Road 344 which leads to Cottonwood Lake, a popular area for campers and outdoor adventurers in the summer.

I wandered for a little while and captured two views of the mountains.

Snow completely covers a creek.
Snow and Ice on Road
As you can see, much of the road leading back to Buena Vista was covered in ice and packed snow. Yeeeesh!

-Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Photography website:


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