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Snow In July

Steve Garufi Snow

Snow in Summer

July 1, 2008 - It was the morning of July 1 and I had a pile of bills to go through. Discouraged and desiring to procrastinate, I made a quick drive to Cottonwood Pass on Chaffee County Road 306.

It was the first of July, after all, and thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to all the unmelted snow in Colorado. At the parking lot, I snapped a photo of me beside this snowdrift.

Snow Cornice
Snow Cornice
There is a massive snow cornice on the east side of the divide. This edge acts as the Continental Divide for the entire country.

The Forest Service placed warning signs to stay away from the snow. It is definitely melting (albeit slowly) and bits and pieces of the cornice have been crashing down every now and then.

We had an extremely snowy winter in Colorado, and it is heartening to see some snow hanging around.

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    Cottonwood Pass, CO

    Looking west into Gunnison County at the divide. It was particularly interesting to see fog covering the lower valley and Taylor Park Reservoir.

    The second shot shows the same pool of water from a different day.

    Sawatch Range, Colorado Some snow remains on those mountains!
    Steve Garufi Snow Me standing on a mound of snow in late June. See all my photos from this day: Walk In The High Country.

    -Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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