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I LOVE SNOW! Crazy Snow Photo In Colorado

"I Love Snow" - Snow In Late May 2011

I am one of those crazy Coloradans who loves snow all year round. Any day is a great day for a huge dumping of snow. Skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling are activities that should happen all year round. Yes, summer is a very nice time in the mountains as well, but if I had to choose, I'd take snow anyday!

With it being late May, it is becoming more difficult to come across snow. And so today, I drove well into the Sawatch Range toward the Continental Divide, where many roads including Cottonwood Pass, are not open yet ... because of snow. This particular region is a haven for snowobilers and cross-country skiers in the winter, but now most of the snow is melting soft slush.

To all you snow lovers, hang in there. Enjoy my picture with warm regards, or perhaps I should say cold regards. :)

Photo by Steve Garufi - Buena Vista, Colorado - Facebook: /coloradoguycom - Twitter: @SteveGarufi

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