Snow Pictures

Driving In Snow!

My Photos While Driving On A Snowy Highway In Colorado


December 8, 2009 - An intense snowstorm was sweeping across the Rocky Mountain West. My goal was to travel 33 miles from Buena Vista, Colorado to Leadville. On this page are ten photos taken with my cell phone. This first photo was taken on Highway 24 (westbound) in Chaffee County.


I generally don't have a lot of difficulty driving on roads with hard packed snow, but the conditions were slick even for my standards. In retrospect maybe I shouldn't have made the drive, but I guess I was in the mood for adventure. As I've gotten older, I don't take as many risks with the snow.


Gently turning left. From a compositional standpoint, I like the guard rail in this one.

Snowy Road

The snowfall intensified as I passed Chalk Creek Reservoir and the canyon leading to the Vicksburg and Winfield Ghost Towns.


I pulled over as the snow came down harder. The weather usually gets worse in Leadville because its elevation is over 10,000 feet. My intuition told me it was not wise to continue.

Granite, CO

I drive a short distance to the town of Granite, before turning around.

Snowy Road
On my way back to Buena Vista, a snowy scene of the road!
Snowy Highway
I returned home, but after 45 minutes the sun came out and I wetn for it. Above is a photo about five miles north of Leadville.
Snowy Highway
I made it to Leadville all right. Above was the view traveling south on Highway 24 at approximately 4:15 p.m.

Close to home, the wind was blowing so hard that snow was blowing across the highway.

Photos submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Photography Website - Facebook - Twitter


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