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Driving On Snow and Ice! (Two Days Of Driving In Central Colorado - December 14-15, 2009)

Snowy Road Twice this week I needed to travel 33 miles to Leadville, Colorado (alt. 10,251 feet), a city with the highest elevation in all of America.

Although I really love snow and cold winter weather, much of the roads from my home were covered in snow and ice. I really needed to be careful, and I was. Every photo on this page was taken with my LG Dare cell phone.

Snowy Road Beautiful white snow surrounds the highway along an icy stretch near Granite, CO.
Snowy Road

Leadville, CO

As I approached Leadville, the sun disappeared behind the clouds and snow came down.
Icicles Beautiful Colorado icicles! I told my Twitter followers that if they messed with me I might stab them with one of them! ;)
Mt. Elbert

Mt. Massive

Two photos of the beautiful mountain views to the west. That is Mt. Elbert (top) and Mt. Massive (second) respectively.

Photos taken by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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