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Beautiful Snow Scenes

Photos of Snow and Mountains In Chaffee County, Colorado

Colorado Snowfall
Mountain Snow Scene
November 2, 2011 - Overnight we received six to eight inches of the upper Arkansas River Valley of Colorado. Snowstorms in Colorado are very common from November through April, but the novelty of a fresh layer of snow is very enchanting to photographers like me. This morning, I went for a modest drive on isolated dirt roads outside of Buena Vista, Colorado and came up with eight photos and two videos. I hope you enjoy them!

Ice Snow Road Conditions

Photos Of The Snow

I live on this road. Look at that ice! Honestly, you get used to the snow and ice after awhile.

Needless to say, if you love skiing and/or snowboarding, you'll consider our region of Colorado to be a winter paradise! :)

Colorado Snow Scenery

Steve Garufi

I drove on Chaffee County Road 300, an isolated dirt road south of Buena Vista. In the summer, this area is a more happening place, as there are whitewater rafting expeditions launching nearby and a campground near Ruby Mountain. However today, I had the entire road to myself.

I included a self-portrait of myself. Good grief, what do you think of my bedhead?

Snow In Colorado Mountains Here's another view from Chaffee County Road 300.

Now the one objective I had was to photograph Mount Princeton, the towering mountain west of our town. I run a website ( in which I regularly take a photo of the mountain throughout the seasons. This particular shot was "okay", but I knew I could find something better ...

... a half mile up the road, I found the perfect beautiful snow scene with the mountain behind. Also, the clouds hovering over the summit had dissipated enough.
As I drove home, I snapped more pictures of the beautiful snow scenes with Mt. Princeton. You can never have enough pictures.
Driving In Snow Driving on a muddy and snowy road!
Snow on Tree Branches Back at my house, snow highlighted the branches of these cottonwood trees.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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    Showing the snow and mountain scenery in all directions.

    Driving on Chaffee County Road 300.

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